You will be pleased to know, that on the evening of the 27th of August 2015, myself (George Rashbrook, Chairman) and Tim Buck (Secretary), met with Mark Woolley, secretary of the Swanage Railway Trust (SRT), to finally sign the completed 99 year agreement, between the Swanage TC group and the SRT.

This agreement, which has been in the making over the past two and a half years, means that the Swanage TC group and its vehicles come under the umbrella of the SRT, and enables any fundraising, grants and donations to go through the trust, and guarantees a permanent home for the TC.

Thanks go out to members of the SRT council of management, assets committee and committee members of the Swanage TC group, for spending hours and hours, thrashing this agreement out, as a good result has been achieved.

We now need to carry on fundraising, spreading the word of the Swanage TC group, and attracting new members, so we can finally get a vehicle into the workshop.

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