TBSK 70824 has had its welding completed, with the last corner needing to be replaced with a new prefabricated one. The next stage is to repair a few areas of flooring, before it can be moved to the paint shop. Once the 70824 moves to the paint shop, this should allow DTSO 76322 to be moved in to the workshop for its metalwork to be treated.


Once 70824 is back at Swanage, it will be down to volunteers to complete the rewire, interior spruce up, and overhaul of the braking system. We will more than likely sheet over the coach, as was done with DTSO 76275, to protect the paint work from the elements.








We ran a successful raffle on the London to Swanage Purbeck explorer rail tour, and raised just over £200 towards the project, so many thanks to those who bought a ticket.


We do have a slow but steady income, but as with all preservation projects, we always need more money. Several people have standing orders running, which really is the back bone of our funding, but would of course welcome more. If you currently don’t have one going or know someone who doesn’t, who would like to support us, please give it consideration, as even a few quid each month, really makes a big difference.


TC activity at Swanage


As part of the 2018 Swanage railway “main line” diesel gala, the London underground owned TC was brought in again, both for the Purbeck explorer rail tours (which ran from London to Swanage on the Thursday, and Swanage to London on the Sunday), as well as on shuttles to Wareham over the weekend, and push pull with 33111 on the Friday and Saturday evenings. The TC was really the star of the show, especially when working push pull, and received quite a cheer on each departure from Corfe Castle. This event yet again highlighted how popular the TC’s are, both from a heritage viewpoint, and for their operational flexibility. The TC headed for the Severn Valley railway to work it’s magic at their diesel gala, after completing the Purbeck explorer tours. The sooner we have our own TC up and running the better, as it really will be a prize asset for the railway.




Once 70824 is at Swanage, we will look at organising working parties.


People who are already Swanage Railway Trust volunteers, should contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to get details of working parties and to pledge their interest in helping.


Non members, should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enrolment.




George Rashbrook-SRT4TC group


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