TBSK 70824 is nearing completion at Butterley, and we expect it to be outshopped in late March. The overhaul has been extensive, with lots of extra problems found during the work. The biggest extra job was the floor in the van area, which has seen the original poured resin material removed, and replaced with fireproof ply. The final stages of replacing the tongue and groove panelling in the van, refitting sliding doors and door locks, and the all important blue and grey livery are currently under way. Once the coach is delivered, it will be down to volunteers to finish the electrics, plumbing, and interior paintwork and upholstery. Please contact us if you’re interested in helping. See below some images of the work in progress.

TC Tours

UK railtours are planning some special trains this summer, running from London to Swanage, using the London underground owned 4TC .See https://www.ukrailtours.com/product/swanage-sunday-special-number-one/ for details.

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