We can now announce, that thanks to an agreement with St. Leonards Railway Engineering Ltd, DTSO No. 76275 will now form part of Unit 413. Driving Trailer car 76275 was originally part of a 4TC unit number 404, built in the mid-1960s. After becoming surplus in the early 1990s, this carriage was used to replace an accident-damaged 4-VEP Driving Trailer. This vehicle has been stored under cover since coming out of mainline service.
76275 is in very good condition, much better than the DTSO’s currently at Butterley, and requires little more than a repaint and some minor alterations to the ETH before it can be used. This agreement means that to get a 3TC operational, we only need to restore the TBSK and the better one of our DTSO’s, which should significantly speed up the project. The TFK will also be restored in the future, when funding allows, to form a 4TC.
Pictures of the vehicle can be seen here.http://www.hastingsdiesels.co.uk/news/articles/2007a01/

We have decided to arrange a working party at the Midland Railway - Butterley on the 22nd/23rd of June to visit our TC Unit. Whilst we are there, our aim will be:

• To undertake a full survey of what work is required on each coach
• Find out what will be the best way to get the tarpaulins on to the vehicles and attached securely
• Carry out some basic work to get the vehicles towards being water tight

We hope that a representative from Butterley's contract restoration arm will meet us there at some point over the weekend to go over the restoration plan with us, and to advise on any extra work we may find.

If anybody wishes to attend for either a day or the whole weekend, please let us know ASAP, and we will try to help with arranging accommodation/transport if necessary. I will be sending out an email nearer the time to those that have advised that they would like to attend to finalise any other details about the visit.

Dan Bennett
Swanage TC Group Chairman

The Swanage TC Group are running a publicity stand over the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala weekend.

We need volunteers to help with publicity and giving out leaflets over the Swanage Railway diesel gala weekend (10th-12th May 2013), so if you can help, please contact us via the website or Facebook.

The first AGM of the Swanage TC Group on Saturday the 13th April 2013 was a great success. There were 12 attendees, and apologies from several other interested people who were unable to attend.
The managing committee and officers were proposed and elected as follows:
Chairman Dan Bennett
Deputy Chairman George Rashbrook
Secretary Tim Buck
Treasurer James Cox
Membership Officer Tim Buck
Technical Officer James Cox,
Publicity/Marketing Officer Luke Farley.
The constitution was approved and can be seen on the website soon.
Various plans for restoration were discussed, and it was agreed that we will aim to initially restore a 3TC, with the fourth vehicle being completed when funds and resources permit.
The Swanage Railway Trust have discussed the possibility of signing A 99 year lease of the TC, which would enable us to claim gift aid on donations.
There was a call for volunteers to help with publicity over the Swanage Railway diesel gala weekend (10th-12th May 2013), as the Swanage TC Group are running a publicity stand and giving out leaflets, so if anyone can help, please contact us via the website or Facebook.
George Rashbrook (deputy chairman)

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