Our Class 491 unit is one of two 4TC sets that were purchased from British Rail by London Underground, for use on their overground excursions on the Metropolitan line. In fact, both of these sets comprised vehicles from a number of different British Railways 4TC sets, presumeably in order to get vehicles that were in the best condition at that time.

The set purchased from London Underground by the Swanage TC Group comprises the following vehicles, all of which came from the initial phase of building.

During 2016, another DTSO was offered to the group. This was in much better condition than our other two DTSOs, requiring little more than a new coat of paint. It was decided to acquire this vehicle, and use the DTSO that is in the worst condition as source of spare parts.

Vehicle Number Type Original Unit Number Later Unit Number
76298 DTSO 415 8015 See Photo
70855 TFK 412 8012 See Photo
70824 TBSK 413 8013 See Photo
76322 DTSO 427 8027 See Photo
76275 DTSO 404   See Photo

As can be seen, all the vehicles of our set originated in different units. It has been decided that our set will be designated number 413 for the future.

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